Hi thought i was time to intoduce myself i joined the forum a while ago now,ive sent a few posts.

Im from near London Uk i have had an interest in electronics a far as i can remember ,influenced from my dad he was an electronic engineer at the BBC in the 70s he's had an electronic component company some 35 years now.So any component i need its right here because he works from home which is quite handy

I have an interest in audio amps i have built a few designs mostly class B designs from Douglas selfs articles and from his books i have read a few books on audio amps including Douglas Self ,John Linsely hood and Randy sloan.

i have quite a good Hi Fi system at the moment consisting of

Quad 66 preamp
Quad 606 power amp
Arcam cd72 cd player
Denon TU260 m2k Tuner
Sony mdsjb940 minidisc deck
Kef 104 speakers
a home made bandpass sub using a single Kef B139 driver which im quite pleased with goes down to 20 Hz nicely

Last but not least an old Nakamichi 600 cassete deck.

I also have a great interest in switch mode power supplys i worked for a company as a test engineer for a year very interesting stuff.

Well hey that's me


Anthony Kirby