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Introduction: "Building Loudspeakers" for dummies (as myselv)


2013-04-15 2:12 pm
Buulding my own diy loudspeakers is a dream I will try to fulfill. The problem is: how:confused: and with what:confused: So I need a concise dummies:p guide. And some list over manufacturers of loudspeaker elements.

I know approximately what I want:rolleyes: I know what equipment (mine) they will be used in connection with:eek: I know what kind of loudspeakers I like. And what frequency area they must cover.

So I would be happy if I could get some help:cannotbe:



2008-07-11 1:53 pm
Not sure anything like a "concise dummies guide" exists, but by spending a little time perusing boards like this one or Parts Express Tech Talk, Home Theater Shack, HT Guide Forum etc. can give you an idea what others are building and designing.

There are sites where designers document their work in a format that encourages others to build them such as Zaph Audio, MurphyBlaster Productions, Humble Homemade Hifi, Lou's Speaker site etc.

Retail outlets such as Creative Sound Solutions, Solen, Parts Express, Madisound etc. have kits ready to build.

You seem to know what you want so it's just a question of looking around to see if anything grabs you and start building. Hope this helps and good luck.