intro and newb questions

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Hey guys! Just joined the forum!
It's great to find such a treasure of information, but much of it is still over my head. I'm 30 now and have known basic electronics for about 25 years, but building circuits, knowing how they will interact with each other, and the math involved in calculating this is out of my league. (for now)

Now for some questions... I found this site with a search on LM4702 based amplifiers. The reason I was searching for info was because I want to build an amp from scratch, and I have a dual secondary 30v transfo laying in the shop collecting dust. I found the lm3702 on a site called where they advertised a 300 x2 channel amp kit using the LM4702, MJ11028 and MJ11029 output transistors, and good old 3055's to (drive?) the outputs.
Immedeately, I noticed that 30v rectified is about 42v and at 8ohms yields about 210 watts per channel and not 300, wich is why I started to research the parts of the amp and found you I do some reading....2 weeks later I have only began to realize how much I don't know, so I need some help for dummies. I just need to know if the amp plans I found look good to you guys so I can start buying parts, or do you have a "recipe" for this chip with a schematic and component values?
I read 20+ pages of the lm4702 thread, and most of it is too technical for me, and the pcb designs have no values printed on them when I look at them.
thought I might add a little info-- I know how to build a power supply and can build pre-designed circuits on breadboard if I have a good schematic. My background in electronics starts at age 5 when I got my first radio shack kit. I have been fixing car amps for 15 years now (by replacing the burnt components) with about 70% sucess rate. Now that I am learning theroy, I am understanding why the other 30% failed. in the last year or two, I have delved deeper into repair and now have a beginners understanding as to how SMPS 12v amplifiers work.
Since rectified household ac is simpler than a SMPS I plan to use my dual sec 30v traffo wired to dual rectifiers to power either a pair of 2-channel amps based on LM4702 chips or 2 single-channel amps that are twice as strong, but I cannot find a mono version of the amp based on the LM4702, and I have NO CLUE what transistors would be required or how many for that matter.
round two: DING!......o.k. I've decided to use a pair of LME49810 chips to make my amp. Now, my main 2 questions are what to use for q1-q4, since there are no recommendations on the datasheet, and what to use for qmult.....Do these change depending on whether you want to drive a 2,4,or8 ohm speaker? I know that lower ohm load = more drive current, but can you recommend a transistor that will handle 10+ amps so I can run the amp at 4 ohms, or is 4 ohms just too low to get good sound quality? I don't have any hi-fi equipment yet, but I have mid-fi, hard-to-drive speakers coming out my ears, and I want a good cd player and preamp before I invest in more speakers
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