Intoduction/first DIY project.

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Hi all,

Super newbie here building first dedicated system.
Glad to have found this board as I have just purchased a NAD C541 that I would like to possibly perform some mods on or at least remove the muting transistors.

Is there a formal DIY sheet out there to do this?
Schematic available?


Let me throw my hat in the ring. I am looking for my next DIY project. I think I want to build an amp but would consider a DAC or any other kind of warm up. My only requirements is that it is a good value and a good learning experience.

Modding an amp sound like plenty of fun as well.
Second DIY Project


As usual, all it took was an introduction and I spent hours chasing Burson around cyber space. I read a few reviews but they tend to focus on build quality of the finished products. Have you or anyone you know actually heard the finished Burson gear.

Back to the main topic. I suppose what I am really looking for is something that gets me a bit closer to a kit. A pretty good value, reasonably high end performance, reasonably clear path or instructions, avialable parts and pcbs. I am pretty obsessed about learning this stuff but admittedely have very little experience.

Most of my current gear is off-the-shelf "value audiophile" stuff that has plenty of room for improvment. The truth is my next project can be any component (DAC, amp, pre) other than speakers since I am already building some of those.
I'm in the same boat, off the shelf medium quality stuff that I havent tweaked yet, apart from my rega deck, and looking for a good project to get wrong first time around, learn a lot, then get it right!
During school weeks I teach kids their christmas presents, guitars and bass and that, and it will afford me 1 upgrade a week to my nad cd player.
I will use bursonaudio, and I will tell all.
Op amps, capacitors, shunt regs, power supply and clock are all getting done better, in the name of learning.
It will even sound good I reckon.
But first I must buy a k and k stepup kit for my mc carts.
Hey theres some cheapish kit for cheap mc carts on ebay, get them retipped and make your own stepup box for it.
I'm doing one for a denon DL304 I got on ebay for 30 bucks in need of retip.
You could always try the tentlabs diy cd player, but for the price, you could always buy a boat!
The cart kits look doable but I am currently without vinyl and expect to be so as long as my house remains a construction project.

The Tentlabs CD kit is sweet but unfortunately I get paid in USD not Euros and I sold my boat so that source of cash is gone.

Keep us posted on your upgrades, I am also curious about your NAD model.
no worries, just check this thread every fortnight.
Can't start yet, few bills and that stepup come first.
I'm on a normal income and can spend maybe 150 a week.
Most of the parts at burson float around that price, so one upgrade per week within a month sounds right.
In the meantime I will learn to upload pictures too.
The nad 502 I own used to sell for 600+ dollars, so I'm hoping the transport is good quality, and since I am upgrading the opamps and such, that means for now I don't want to go with a standalone DAC.
Am I allowed to post links?
I'll post some links to ebay items that have ended but are still available, bursonaudio stuff, I mean.
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