Interpolation Oscillator

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Any good parts in this thing? Paid $20 at a yard sale. Is it still of value to anyone? Certainly looks cool.

General Cambridge Interpolation Oscillator. I understand it makes radio crystals for ham radio opertators pre transitors?

6j7 GT
Westinghouse tubes




Cool. Here at Michigan State Univ, there is a surplus/salvage facility. The Univ never throws anything out, they put it in the surplus yard and see if they can sell it. I am a sucker for the place. I go over ther all the time, to buy old test gear like yours, or more modern useful stuff. They often have working scopes.

I see no particular use for yours as is, someone else may. If I may hazard a guess - and it is a total guess - it looks like it might be two power oscillators, and it can tune in sum and difference products for other frequencies. or something totally different from that.

You get a big sturdy chassis, some tube sockets, and maybe even some useful tubes. I can't see a power transformer, is there one? I see a jones connector on the rear, which leads me to think this used to have a separate power supply. If there is a power transformer, it might be useful for some tube project. Probably find some use for the nice meter.

In the upper right photo, in the bottom is some sort of thing that looks like a big motor or a water pump or something. What is that? Maybe a blower to run air through the two wooden vaults?
Yes, there is two large power transformers in the bottom right. Hard to see. The big cast thing on the bottom left is some sort of varable output transformer or something. There is a handcrank on the front that must alter the freq or output of some sort. I would make a great tube amp chasis with power underneeath and split the channels on top. Too bad it wasn't a western electric tube amp! It would be worth $$$.
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