Intelix matrix mixer schematics anywhere?


I bought a damaged (cabinet) Intelix matrix mixer at a scrap dealer and pulled the circuit boards out. Might have been an M24L16L or something like that.

They have 1997 silkscreen dates on them. The company did not respond to an inquiry.

I have to get the board numbers, but haven't found much on line yet other some specs for the current series of M-series matrix mixers there are some interesting parts. It might be interesting to use some of the boards and adapt, rather than pull parts off for projects.

The most impressive board has 32 SSM2164 VCA's, 8 TLC5628 DAC's, 4 LM837's and 4 OP275G's, with a microprocessor. All through-hole parts. For me the hassle is SIP passive components. I find them harder to draw schematics for.

There are other input and output cards that are probably mic-in and line out with in-amp type AD SSM-series parts and other analog. Some of them have +/- 15 V 3-terminal regulators on-board. Not terribly sophisticated supplies, but quick & easy.

Might be too ambitious to modify the big board, like cutting out the uP & communications stuff I wouldn't be able to interface to easily, and use it like a breadboard...but not sure what I would keep it all together for...that's a lot of stuff...just seems a shame to use it for the parts alone.

I see variations on eBay occasionally but had no idea what was inside and they are too big to gamble on with shipping. Now I know.

Thanks for reading and any help or suggestions.
The too-large (8”x18”?) microprocessor controlled boards became parts donors. The input and output and power supply boards live to see another day...8-channels of op amps (5532’s, LM837’s & OPA275?) and in-amps (SSM214x?) on the I/O boards.

Thick boards, hard to desolder DIPS. Wrecked a couple SSM2164 quad VCA’s so I snipped the leads & will put them on DIP headers or SMT-thru-hole adapter boards when I figure out what I want to use them for...VC-SVF’s?