Integrating the mini 1793 DAC into an amplifier


2009-10-26 11:52 am
I want to integrate a mini 1793 DAC into an amplifier I'm building and have been reading to try and properly understand the grounding requirements. However, the DAC uses a single two rail power supply whereas all the components in the amplifier will use three rail supplies where the common is the centre zero volt rail which will be connected to the chassis.

If I understand the DAC circuit correctly, it is using a LM1875T to create a virtual ground. So to properly integrate it into the amplifier my assumption is that I should remove this together with the voltage conditioning devices from the power inlet. I can then connect a three rail supply as follows: V- to LM1875 pad 3, 0 to pad 4, +V to pad 5. This will then feed the two AMS117 regulators for the digital circuitry and give the +V and -V supplies to the OPA2134 etc..

Is this the correct approach or is there a better idea?