integrated with TDA2050V

Any comments about the soundquality of this IC?

I believe it´s better than it´s predecessor TDA2030, at least i do hope so, because i´m about to order the ic and begin building a simple amp for use with my computers audiocard and a pair of monitorspeakers

For this project i´d prefer simplicity, it seems like the TDA2050 will not cause me any constructional problems, or?

if you have done a comparison between these two IC:s, please tell me your experience!!!
my little plastic pc-speakers use circuit with TDA2030.
I´d say it´s OK with speakers like that!
But if you own decent monitorspeakers I´d use different chips.
Have you ever looked at the "Overture Series" from National Semiconductor ?
They´re supposed to have really good performance.
I only tried the LM3886 and that´s a brilliant chip (for me) but maybe too big for your monitors ?
You can get the overture chips in stereo (LM1876) and mono (LM4700,LM3875) versions and different "wattages".
If you build stiff power supply you can´t go wrong with those chips.
Yep, i have tried those chips, but for my purposes here, they´re sort of overkill, and i just want to try the TDA2050..

I do have good experiences of the 2030, as long as you know what to expect from it, i have built several "computer-amps" to my friends that are real "gamers" and want something that delivers slightly more power than the usual crap-active-speakers @ 250W PMPO or whatever they are rated...