INT 30A how loud should it play?


2008-08-19 4:10 am
I bought Int 30A and it seems to me that there is something wrong with it. First of all when I crank it to max level it still can’t drive my 4ohm ML Spires (91 db) loud enough and max reading that I can get on display is 63. I would expect that the max reading should be 100. Second when I compare its max output to the output of my XA 30.5 I get LKFS reading of 0.4 for INT30A while I get 1.4 reading for XA30.5 for the same input signal. I suppose I drive 30.5 with pre that has higher gain that the one of INT30 but still I would not expect such a big difference. Any ideas?
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Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
No, they only go to 63, as the volume control has 8 bit resolution (0 to 63 dB).

The specified gain is 26 dB, but examination of the schematic shows that it
should have about 33 dB, which has proven adequate historically.

A definitive answer will have to wait until Wayne pops his head up. I will
drop him an email.