Insulation Resistance Meter


2008-09-23 9:52 pm
Just wondering, if these meters could be used for repair and troubleshoot work of electronic devices such as tube amps, power supplies, transmitters and radios etc in where over current symptoms cause parts failures, or checking the mains lead connection and overall safety checks on the handles, dials, knobs and casing etc.

Or is it just for checking out dometic mains cabling checking purpises only?

Anyone using them? How are you using them?
I strongly recommend using them for AC mains side wiring testing, to reduce the risk that something is going bad. They are also very useful for restorations or new builds that use old parts, as the power transformer, output transformer primary and choke windings can be tested. The modern testers with DCV can be used to confirm coupling and poly capacitors aren't leaky - although that requires caution due to charged capacitor hazard. They can also do a simple check of ss and valve diodes - valve diodes may need over 1400 to 1600V test conditions to show up leakage, as it typically increases with applied voltage. And they can test high value resistors for accuracy or degraded performance. They do require competency to use, as they can be quite dangerous.