Insulation effect on acoustics....


2013-01-02 2:01 am
I know certain types of insulation will have varying effects on the quality (db reduction) on sound outside of a room. What about inside? I'm in the middle of a build and it might be a little late to be asking this question (drywall is up but not taped yet) will insulating the walls effect the sound inside the theater room as well some way?
Normally you do your acoustic treatment surface. The insulation might help soundproofing some, but unless it's a surface treatment, is unlikely to do much for the acoustics. The high frequencies won't reach it, and the walls are unlikely to flex enough for much bass end to be absorbed.

I'm afraid you're still going to have to do your surface diffusion/absorption treatment.

I will add that if you're doing serious sound proofing (30dBs down to 30 Hz, for example) it makes superb heat insulation. We never need heating in the studio, year round, just cooling.