Input Caps on TDA7264

Hi, my question is about my input caps on my TDA7264 powered amplifier. Im on a last minuite rebuild before entering it in a state fair... chip got fried when resoldering it in place so it should be here tomarrow morning arriving from digikey..gotta have the amp up at the fair later on tomarrow.

The schematic reccomends 1 uf capacitors on the inputs, what are they there for and can I use bigger ones? After completing the input stage, and to test the pot, I plugged in my cd player and tested the wires at the board by running them into a little speaker. I noticed that when the wires went directly to the speaker the sound was a lot louder and normal and all the bass was there...well..what bass you can recognize on a 1/4 watt know what I mean though. Then I tryed it after the input capacitors ( 1 uf). Only high end and its quiet at that. Why is this? When I replace the capacitors with a higher value all the sound gets through normally. Should I replace my capacitors? They were working fine before I redid my amp set up like that, although I did have a slight bass problem which was fixed somewhat by replacing my output caps with 4700 uf instead of 470. So is it safe to replace the input caps with higher values and will it do any good to the sound and/or help with the bass?