InfraBass speaker.

Longtime ago, I wanted to be able to "negociate" with frequencyes UNDER 25Hz, "mine best friends on audio", but for that, must have sometring REAL strong.

200 liter internal volume usable (after all reinforcements),18" Maelstrom X Gen 2 speaker, and space to place the infrabass speaker.

And some tests, take patience and watch movies entirely, preferable on 1080p.

Leco InfraBass Maelstrom X Gen II Part 1 - YouTube

Leco InfraBass Maelstrom X Gen II Part 2 - YouTube

Leco InfraBass Maelstrom X Gen II HOME Part 1 - YouTube

Leco InfraBass Maelstrom X Gen II HOME Part 2 - YouTube

Comments are yours!
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Infra Sub...No!

Take time and watch YT videos.

Is 200 litter internal volume,sealed.

5Hz to 40Hz filtered passive.

Hi DiLeco,

IMO, your 200L closed box using the Maelstrom driver has only a BW down to 40 Hz, thus do not cover 5- 40 Hz unless you EQ a lot and then you have to listening at whispering levels at the speaker system midband for hearing a flat FR.
To experience a 'heard' 2 octaves below 20 Hz. i.e. 20 to 5Hz: The mid-band level cannot be louder than ~ 20 Phon or a SPL at~20 dB...this when the sub is placed flush to a room corner.



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That infrabass will be made with SEPARATE internal amplifier (700W classD) , internal active crossover,volume, booster (+10 12db, between 15 and 40Hz) and phase correction potentiometer, but this in next future.

I will give him frecs UNDER 25Hz tippically, with min 24db/oct attenuation above 30Hz.

Filter will be very abrupt, and usual level of listening will be under 100Watts between lowest freq possible and 25Hz higher Hi Cut.