Infocus LP640 - lamp failed to strike

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Bought an LP640 going cheap on eBay with reportedly failed lamp.
NP i thought.........heh! WRONG

I suspected perhaps the lamp reset might

Thing is, the projector reports "lamp failed to strike" on the top panel LCD, and is stuck in a loop.......I can't get into any menu's or anything.
(Fans run, buttons and LCD light, and LCD says as above)

Pulled the thing apart, can't hear any high frequency noise as you'd expect from an HV suspect the HV board might be duff.
Clearly SOME power is coming out the main PSU.

Looking at the lamp PSU, nothing is obvious, except perhaps for some discolouration on a small coil.

Looking further I saw optic problems........bummer!!

After the first mirror there's some kind of glass prism maybe, which has partly fallen apart.
The next bit of plastic filter is melted onto a glass lens.

Furthermore, one of the 3x LCD filters is melted.......bummer x10 !!

Well, I bough ANOTHER LP640 which is yet to arrive and reportedly dead (prolly main PSU issues as many other Infocus').
Hoping I can salvage some parts to make one good one.

Anyone care to speculate on the primary reason this LP is failing to strike the bulb and looping??
Could it be something other than the lamp PSU?

Any help gratefully received.

[ I'm in the UK and would be pleased to hear where I could source PSU repair components readilty for the Infocus, if/when I might need them ie Viper, etc ]
I have this one


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Thanks for the image........are you offering the item as a part for sale?

I need to rectify the optics issues before I can be confident the projector can be resurrected.

I am hoping the second LP640 (still to arrive yet) will provide a bumper crop of salvageable parts (of course, the projector needs to have failed for reasons other than this one !!)

Having looked at the five (yes five) fans in the preojector, it's apparent that they must have been losing effectiveness due to fine dust buildup.

I imagine this drop off of cooling effect may have lead to the demise of the said optics components.

My friend has an X2 with a "yellowing" down one side of the image.......he canes his every day - using in stead of a traditional TV.
Perhaps a service should be done on the fans from time to time to keep the airflow optimised??
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