Infocus LP640 - bypass & testing before re-lamping

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Hello, and thanks for such an awesome forum .. ( new user )
I did a search here for the LP640 but only 3 threads came up. :(

I have an Infocus LP640 with the dreaded "Lamp Failed to Strike" message.
I have replaced the lamp before about 18 months ago.

Before i go and spend money for a new lamp, i wanted to know if there is a way to be sure that it's "only" the lamp.

When i power on i get:
a solid green light over the power button.
Starting Up message .. count down from 20 seconds
Lamp Failed to Strike
Red Light flashing once every 2 seconds
process repeats / Restarting .. etc .. Loop ..

Does the solid green light mean that the motherboard & ballast are OK ?

Is it possible that my lamp has exceeded 2,000 hours and that's why it's not striking ? ( i am pretty sure i reset the lamp hours on the last lamp install, maybe not )

1- how to determine if the software / motherboard are ok ?
2- how to reset the lamp time without remote
3- does a active source need to be connected to reset lamp hours ?
4- how to bypass lamp check ? aka how to ground optocoupler ;)
5- can i view menu screen via monitor out with a connected computer monitor ?

my questions might be a little out of order , oops , feel free to re-arrange them if you think it's better ..

I'd like to view the menu to see what my lamp timer / counter is up to now even if I know it's a bad lamp. ( wanted to know how long this replacement lasted )
Hopefully there is a way to get this info before i order the lamp.

I have a good working knowledge of electronics ... good not great or awesome or pro .. haha ..

All help sincerely appreciated ..

Solid green light just means there is power to the main board but doesn't mean its working. You could try removing the top cover and power it on making sure all the fans and colour wheel spin up. This normally happens first before it tries to strike the lamp. If this is working then seems like the lamp or power supply/ballast.
But maybe the lamp timer needs resetting. I don't know this model so not sure if the LED would blink this error code or that it would power up and show a message on the screen. Normally on infocus projectors there is a way to reset the lamp counter. I think you hold down the arrrows (brightness or keystone) while pressing the power button so could try that but check the user manual as it should cover that.
Also if the projector has RS-232 you can try plugging into a PC to query it. The user manual will tell you the codes to retrieve the lamp times etc. In the past I've used a null modem cable with Hyper Terminal on Win XP and its worked fine.
Actually the Infocus website has the user manual which states 2 red blinks means lamp counter needs resetting. To do this it says:

Resetting the lamp timer
If the lamp timer has reached the maximum number of hours for the projector
lamp, the LED on the projector’s keypad will show a lamp error (see
“LED behavior and meaning” on page 16). To reset the lamp timer, press the
decrease volume button on the remote and then the increase volume button
within 3 seconds. At that point the LED will turn green and you can power
on the projector. You can also navigate to the Settings>Service menu and
select Lamp Reset to reset the lamp timer.

But you say its only 1 blink? Maybe try this first before opening the thing up
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.