Inductors for Aussie Speaker Builder's cross overs.

This is just some info' that might be useful to local speakers constructors.

"ROCKBY Electronics" in Melbourne currently have some good deals on inductors going in their latest "mailer".
They cover values from quite low 0.01(I think) up to about 0.82mH. They are 20AWG and air-cored. Some have their DC resistance listed.

If you wish to chase them up go to ROCKBY, they have their specials in three or four "boxes" on the centre of the Home Page. There is a lot of material and to speed it up the following may help. The inductors are in the NEW SPECIALS section (the top box) page two about three lines down. There are four separate offers on different inductors. The biggest (about seven different values) has the Stock Number 41112.
Given the price of copper and the issues in winding inductors they appear to be good value.

(I just want to stress I have no link, commercial or otherwise, with ROCKBY. I live over 1,000 miles away in Brisbane. But I have bought several items from them over the last few years and find they dispatch things promptly and the goods are as described in their advertising material.)

Cheers, Jonathan