Inductor advice

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I have asked a portion of this question in another string but want to expand the discussion a bit. I have read a great deal of discussion on just how important it is to have good sounding caps in your signal path and fortunately I have had no problem sourcing quality caps.

I have seen little discusssion on the matter of inductors. My first project was a North Creek kit so I thankfully had very few decisions to make. For my second project, I am building one of Tony Gee's designs and before I start improvising, I intend to build it precisely as designed. The XO specs out two inductors wound from 2.0mm wire. I have no problem finding inductors that have the appropriate inductance value but since most of the products I run across are wound from AWG wire, the DCR is off depending on the particular gage. So here is the barrage of questions that come to mind.

:scratch:Tony's spec calls for 2% tolerance, this suggests to me a fair degree of precisions, is it likewise reasonable to assume that the resistance specification is important to the performance of the systems?

:scratch:If my set of choices gives me the appropriate inductance, should I select for the lower or higher DCR? (I'm guessing lower here)

:scratch:I have found a precise match in the Geortz foil inductors at Madisound. Is this an appropriate substitution?

I did find one supply house that has the precise specification but for some reason, they only use 1 or 2 day international delivery which makes the shipping costs insane; If I have to, I will spend the extra money to do this but I want to make sure I am spending where it counts.

:scratch:Is there some place else I look to find one of these?

I am very much a newbie but eager to learn. When I get a chance, I plan to model Tony's XO and see what happens when I change the specs a tiny bit. I also plan to keep the XO external to the box initially and actually listen to some alternatives but I do want to start with a precise design for reference purposes.

:scratch:Next question, should I drive myself as crazy on resistor choice?
The series resistance of the inductors IS important. If you upgrade to a better inductor with lower ESR this will change the crossover. Depending on the circuit position a 5% error in ESR could be inaudible or it could make a big difference. Try and match both inductance and resistance to duplicate the original design.
Thanks to all. I assumed that changes to the DCR would change the circuit, I just have insufficient experience to judge whether or not I would be able to hear it.

In the end, I ordered the foil inductors from Madisound, they provided a very close specification match and compared to the imports are a reasonable price.

Based on the collective comments, I have confidence the XO will perform according to the designer's intention and I will have a little money left over for beer. Actually, I am more of a music and wine kind of guy. I save the beer for ball games and such.
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