In search of a simple DAC project.

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Well, now that my power-amp/pre-amp project has nearly come to an end I was searching for something new to build. I toyed with the idea of an mp3 player, or some kind of DIY source for my stereo, when I eventually decided that a DAC would be the obvious next thing to build, since all my digital sources could go through it (CD and PC)... Now, I'd like to find something relatively simple, probably using one of the cirus logic chips, I hear they're pretty good. But I'd rather stay away from tubes, and use opamps whenever possible instead of discrete components (I've had great results from the LM6172). So if anyone knows of any good DACs for me to build I'd greatly apreciate it. I'm reading up on how they work right now, so I won't be completely oblivious...
Check this out..

This is a cheap and simple one too. (Uses Burr-Brown PCM1716 DAC)

I'm actually looking for a reasonable cheap, but good DAC too. The PCM-1716 DAC looks quite good.
But I want to have balanced output too. Perhaps I could use one more PCM-1716? I've checked the datasheet and there is a possibility to invert the signal, using a microcontroller to send data to the DAC. Perhaps this is the way to go. And it's also possible to attenuate the output signal, so that I have a volume controll.


I like the idea of the one using the PCM1716 as well as the one on Rod's page. But I'm thinking of using the PCM1728 (looks a little better, or should I go with a PCM1738 or simmilar 192KHz solution? can a 192KHz DAC IC be used with a 96KHz digital receiver?) instead, but does anyone know of any alternatives to the CS8414? Preferably a burr-brown part, because CS doesn't offer free samples of the CS8414, call me cheap, but I just spent all my cash on school books, so ordering a part is out of the question due to me being broke :(

Also I decided to use a Burr-Brown PCM chip due to their free samples as well instead of going with a CS chip like Rod's site did...
Well I've decided to keep things simple to go with a CS8141, PCM1728, and two LM7171's. Sound alright? Now all I need if a canadian suplier to buy the CS8414 in single quantities (or at least an american place that'll ship to canada). Anyone know fo any? Afterall it's one IC, won't be that much :(
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