In need of Integra DX7711 Service manual

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... right after finishing my Harman, i wanted to change the pickup in my new dx7711. It didn't read most cd-r anymore and started skipping.
I got a new laser sfp-100s and swapped. Last thing was removing the soldered short.

And.... it hardly reads the TOC :confused:

Depending on how i (try to) adjust the laser current pot, it immediately gets the TOC, but won't read anything at all or only higher track numbers. I assume there's still some adjustments to be made (like tracking, focus gain) but i don#t know where? The drive pcb offers a lot of pot's, but none of them says what it's for... It's a 1996 machine - shouldn't it be self-adjusting?

Anyone here with a service manual for dx7711 / 7911 who could mail me the the laser adjustment page?

Why are Sanyo pickups that hard to swap? I never had a problem with kss'ses :bawling:

Sanyo SFP100s and Sanyo chipsets

Hi Matthias,
I know this is late but I wanted you to know you are not the only one who's had 'fun' with the SFP100s and Sanyo chips. My experience is in that well known target for Audio Buffs, the Bose Wave AWRC3x (I've fixed about 10).

I've had some success in changing just the pickup (not the whole deck) but I am plagued by poor quality SFP100s. I've bought about 12 in the last year altogether and up to 2 weeks ago had seen 2 definitely faulty out of 8. Then I bought 4 from (you may have heard of them) Repdata Berlin? 3 out of 4 were faulty and can you believe it, I only noticed after the 1st 2 didn't work that the remaining 2 had grease on them, holes already threaded and had cotton threads on the lenses. In other words they were not new! This wasn't the 'crappy shop' you spoke of? I've emailed them 3 times, they won't answer and i don't speak German so I guess thats an end to it. I think supplies of these pickups is reducing and there is a lot of rubbish out there.

Also, the Sanyo combination seems poor anyway and I have seen on Pin 41 less than 1.3V with a computer cd and 1.9 with a commercial cd. I've tried tweaking the laser, cleaning the lens, even realigned the Pd block on one pick up and by luck made it work. But you are very likely to get a bad laser. I don't know who to trust now since the Repdata let down.

All the best with your future electronic work.

About to be off to a short holiday - but YES Repdata was the shop i was talking about. I won't buy anything there ever again!!

btw: My 7711 is now working again. It refuses some discs - but what the hell - i've got so many other players ;)

I found sfp101 to be very tricky, too (Harman HD740)

Need help for my DX7711

Dear friend,

I've just red your postings about the DX7711 . My DX771 has the same problems: skipping tracks , and then does not play anymore.

Is ther any help for a nontechniocan like me?

I like my DX7711 and dont want to put away.

I can not sent you a e-mail. Can you send me informations what to do under max.t@t-online

Thanks a lot

if it's me your posting refers to:
I did not change the circuit as i found out that at least one of the changes Onkyo made in the circuitry is already in my player.

I did only change the laser and used a normal printed cd to fool around in the service mode until it read most cds without complication. It still refuses some discs and tends to skip at others, but for most original cds the 7711 works fine now again.

Only tip i can give you: If you change the laser unit, go for a reliable shop such as justone-schnepel. I tried to do it the cheaper way but the unit i received was very likely NOT fully ok and gave me lots of alignment trouble (repdata)

Hallo Mattias,

thanks all lot for your fast reply, and for your useful hints.

So I will change the laser unit ( I gues it is only plug and play). Put in a normal CD and the service mode hopefully make every thing ? Or do I have to make some adjustments with some screws ?

One thing beside : I've alredy send the DX7711 to Onkyo. They want to charge 350€ , becasue they want to chnage also the motor and the control of the motor. But the motor still works. And 350€ are much.

Do you think there is a real chance for me by only changing the laser ? As I sayed : I'm a non technican....

Noch mal : vielen Dank !

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