In need of a Russian (NOS) EV-9 NUMITRON based volume display circuit

Hi guys,

I've seen some Numitron clock projects on the net, some with the old Russian EV-9 tube type. Also my favourite tubes for this type of application.

Sooo, as I'm slowly approaching the building of my own tube amp I thought why not have a display for the volume with tubes, this way ? :)

So what I'm looking for is some tips, parts for doing this small project. The goal is simple: between the 2 end positions of the volume knob, the 2 tubes shall display the volume on a simple 2-digit scale like from 00 to 99. The dot is not needed.

The end result would be similar to something like this Numitron clock: but with the full amp and all audio tubes behind the 2 EV-9-s.

Simple and beautiful and definitely a "wow" retro look.

What I know until now about these tubes are:
- At it's development stage it was matched to existing TTL technology so the output of IC-s with 5V TTL-level voltage is enough for driving them

- No NIXIE-like 180V high anode voltage required

- They dain quite some .. 15-20mA / segment

- Above 3.5V voltage they might burn out like a normal bulb

- Completely fit for the TTL 7 segment driver IC-s like SN7446, SN7447, SN74247, not even series-resistors are needed ..

- Very long lifecycle, at least 10.000 hours minimum

Any tips, ideas are welcome. Has anyone done such crazy thing already ? :)