Impulse response differences

I don't know if this is the right forum for this message. It could also be in a tube vs transistor topic or whatever, but afterall it's about loudspeakers so I'll just post it here.

Today I have made some tweeter measurements on a couple of old type ESS AMT transformers (the small ones on a round baffle)

I did some frequency and impulse response measurements on them using two different amplifiers. One was a Hiraga 20W class A transistor push pull amp, the other one was a 300B single ended triode amp (mu-stage driven)

As you can see there is almost absolutly no difference in the frequency response measurements (one is scaled for better view) but the impulse response show a big difference. The green line is the one with the Hiraga amp the red one with the 300B amp (notice that this one is out of phase)

The transistor amp seems to have a much faster rise time but also has some more "ringing", draw your own conclusions here.

I haven't done a extensive listening test to actually hear the difference, gonna do that soon.

so here's the measured impulse response


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Guess you guys are right. I scaled the frequency response back and know the impulse response looks almost identical. I made a mistake by first scaling the frequency response before comparing the impulse responses, stupid stupid stupid, please excuse me.

Anyway, I'm gonna be listening to the difference this week to see (hear) what's comes out.