Improving Sony’s CXD2585Q performance


2003-08-03 4:28 am
Find Sony’s CXD2585Q info at:

As I explained at length at "Tascam's CD-302" thread, this IC is part of that mod.
The idea is to:

A-Install good film caps to stabilize the IC power supply
B-Adding bypass capacitors next to each IC to reduces the ground
loops area and inductance
C-Install a heatsink at each IC
D-Ground the heatsink

So my questions(if someone would like to help) are:

A, Which value/material/brand cap would you recommend?. Where it(or those if more than one) would be located?.
We have pin1(Digital power Suppply DV dd0), Pin18 (Digital GND DVsso), Pin 28 (Digital Power supply DV dd1), Pin 35 (Digital GND DV ss1), Pin 45 (Analogue GND Avss0), Pin 47 (Analogue power supply AV dd0), Pin 51 (Analogue GND AV ss1), Pin 56 (Analogue Power supply AV dd1), Pin 61 (Digital power supply DV dd2), Pin 70 (Digital GND, DV ss2).

B, Which value/material/brand Bypass caps? Where ?

C, I already have nice heatsinks and I am going to rely on adhesives for installation and contact. I have a niece piece of Thermattach tape, and alternatively I also have Artic Alumina paste. Does anyone know which one would provide the best heat transfer? Havent find figures to compare those.

D, I guess a thick insulated cable soldered from the heatsink to Which ground?. I know, star config. Big concepts are easy for me, but what pin?, analogue GND, Digital GND?

E, Any other suggestion.

Many thanks,