Improving/recovering mid-range


2013-01-31 6:44 am
Hi everyone

First post!. I recently upgraded my factory system. Right now I have:

  • Factory head unit
  • JL C2-650 components in front (woofers in doors, tweeters in the pillars -- factory locations)
  • JL C2 coaxials in back
  • Apline SBR-S83V 8" sub
  • Alpine MRX-V70 5 channel amp

The goal is sound quality. The little Alpine sub is awesome, but I'm missing mid-range from the JL's. They were great on the dealer's soundboard, but instrument and vocal detail is lacking in the car.

So, my question: what is the best way to recover the mid-range?

This was an interesting article on the effects of dynamat in the doors, but they don't really mention mid-range, only mid-bass. Would a dynamat treatment help the mid-range as well?

Any other solutions out there? I'd love to get a Pioneer AVH-8400BH for the strong EQ and detachable face, but it's not in the cards right now unfortunately. I can get two dynamat Extreme door kits on Amazon for $100, which is much more doable.
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Treating the doors is a great start, but I'd add a processor to the mix in order to target the frequencies you're missing (or cancelling).

The RF 3sixty.2 is decent and goes for pretty cheap on CL now that the .3 version is out. Maybe $125-150. That way you can stick with the stock HU as well.

Those JLs are nice - they aren't the issue at all.