Imposibble Task? Replace an M&K MX200 Painlessly.


2016-05-04 11:57 pm
Hello all. I am currently on a bit of a quest to replace my trusty old M&K MX200. The problem with doing so is two fold. One, finding something that doesn't sound like crap compared to the M&K (harder than you might think). Two, not spending a fortune doing so, so that I can also afford new mains down the road. There is also an slight complication, in that I need something that is dual voltage capable. I'm an American currently living in Germany, but will be moving back to the USA in a few years.

So my old MX200 was with me for nearly 25 years, and has always been the gold standard by which all other subs I have heard are measured. I lucked into a great deal on a "blemished" item, though if I'm honest I still haven't found the blemish. It was badly damaged in shipping to Germany, and is unfortunately beyond repair. The M&Ks big party trick was the ability to completely disappear into a system, even when played at quite high volumes. You simply couldn't tell that it wasn't the old B&W bookshelves I've had for years playing those low notes. It's put all competitors I have heard to shame in that regard, including some of the supposedly higher end M&K THX subs.

So my task now is to try to find a solution that doesn't infuriate me every time I listen to it, for under around $1000. I've honestly been doing without a sub for a while now, because no sub at all is better than a crap one. I looked quite seriously at the SVS SB2000, and found it acceptable, if not up to the old standard, but unfortunately SVS products are not dual voltage capable. I've heard a few other subs at the store, and not been impressed.

I am quite handy, and have experience building subwoofer enclosures by hand, as well as access to the needed tools, so the thought of building my own faux M&K has popped into mind, though I don't know for sure how to get it all right when it comes to enclosure design. For those not familiar, the M&K is a dual 12, one firing out the front of the box, the other extending down from the same enclosure and firing upwards into it, with a slot port out the front of the box. I don't know of software that could accurately model such a design though.

On size I am relatively flexible, though I don't really want a ginormous sub if I don't need it, mainly to avoid having to lug the thing around. The old M&K wasn't exactly small, and it never bothered me.

I'm also open to other store-bought options if anyone has recommendations for things I should look into.

Looking forward to your responses.