impedance mismatch


2006-02-23 3:00 am
not a valid question? I have all these drivers and parts....why did I choose this as my first large scale DIY project?
The way I see it I could, bag it all and just use my AR3s or
start over and make 4 2-way speakers or
buy the new crossover parts, put it together, run it and see if the receiver lives or use an active crossover/amps setup and fill up my space with more units or spend a pile of money on impedance limiting transformers. I do know that I have gone about the project the wrong way, I will do better next time. Current design: 2 identical 8" metal cone woofers(6.2ohm), 1 custom vifa tweeter(7.1ohms). Crossover, lower bass, 1st order 6db with zobel, 105hz, upper bass 12db at 3000 with notch and zobel, and tweeter 12db at 2500hz. Can I make this work, my concern is the low impedance when using my HT receiver which is not 4 ohm stable. Of course any advice, suggestions or even admonishments appreciated!