Imagine a Tarkus project but with another 10 inch rather than P860668


2013-11-24 8:13 pm
Although the Qts of the P830668 is more likely for closed box, the Tarkus is a vented box design.

As for other woofers, i used the Seas CA26RFX, which is close to the CA26RE4X but with much more xmax for the former. Quite good woofer.

I used a SS 26W/4558T00, which is different to the 8534G00, but the discussion on another thread revealed that their voice was quite similar, both subjectively slightly laid-back. Another option here is the 4534G00 with more sensitivity and slightly lower Qes/Qts than the 8 Ohm version.

But because the Tarkus is a modular design, you can choose a 12" woofer too if you want, imo.