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Did you buy it already?. it is not so easy to just see an amp board and say it will sound good. That amp looks like a 40 watts R.M.S into 8ohms so if you like a lot of power and your speakers have low S.P.L...look somewhere else! "Most" the time when you buy amp kits from ebay some parts can be fake and the customer support is bad.I am not saying this amp board has fake parts, but I have heard many people complaining for the same reason. if you have it...just put a power supply and fire it up and you will let us know if it sounds good. Good luck.
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im new to DIY audio and have basic knowledge in eletronics...... suggestions plzz:)
Welcome, and please understand that we have to assume a lot about what you want to do with with your amplifier module to make suggestions. You could help by telling us if you have a suitable power supply or plans to build one and whether you want mono, stereo, multi-channel HT amplifier and all the other details such as whether you have a preamplifier to control the level.

I guess you realise there is very little detail about using the module from the seller and that is why you are posting. He does say it it has a max. voltage of +/- 40V. Let's go for +/-35VDC to allow a safety margin and that means you need a transformer with two 25VAC windings or 50V centre tapped. The transformer will need a power rating of at least 60VA for each channel that you wish to power. For stereo, a 120-160VA transformer would be fine for home use.

Then you need a bridge rectifier capable of 6 amps or more for stereo and 2 electrolytic capacitors of at least 4,700 uF/40V rating to complete the power supply. This is the expensive part of the amplifier, not the module you have.

Let me recommend this site to read articles on power supplies and audio amplifiers that you need to understand before beginning. There is a whole lot more there too, including projects and design details that are hard to find together elsewhere. You should read the articles on solid-state power amplifiers at least.

Please fill in any details or ask more specific questions to see if we can assist.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.