I'm looking for the Yamaha A100 (not A100a) service manual

I've got his nice little amp and I suspect some caps have leaked.
As far as I looked, the schematics are different between the A100 (bridgeable) to the A100a which is not.
So far, all my searches found nothing useful. So all the help you can give won't go overlooked.
Thanks in advance for your answer.
Have a bright day !
Thank you for your answer. But I've already checked Hifi Engine. The manual is not of the A100 but A100a which is somewhat different internally if exactly the same externally.
I've since reached Yamaha which told me that documents of that era were on paper and that a very few of them had been scanned. They dumped paper long ago....
So I bet my quest will be of the Holy Grail ....