I'm in need of a Skilled Mentor

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I am a student at Mid-East Career Technical Center in Ohio. I need a mentor for a Senior Project so that I am able to graduate. I will need to be able to ask you questions about what I intend to do, which is use knowledge gathered from independent studies and anything learned from the mentor to build a pristine example of a working Transmission Line Woofer Box. Extra knowledge about car systems, speaker boxes, wiring, amps, powering, etc, would be MUCH appreciated. Thank You Very Much.
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Would they accept the entire forum as a mentor? Tlines are pretty well understood today --- thanx to Martin King & to a lesser extent George Augspurger, and a lot of real-world feedback from DIYers real-world builds.

There is still a lot of misinformation floating around, the groundbreaking work from both gentleman above was only unleashed in Fall 1999. And further there is and likely always will be some confusion because TL as a term is used both in a wide general sense (as in TL = Quarter-wave resonator, and in a narrow sense as in that defined by Bailey's mid-1960s articles (and that definition can be confusing depending on whther one chooses to believe the title, or look at the actual speaker built). The latter was further confused by commercial & amateur evolution of the technology in the times before the big breakthru in 1999.

What exactly is required?

I only have slight knowledge of what exactly a TL is and i want to know more. i want to understand what they accomplish and how they do so. i want to build one, and fully comprehend, to the best of my ability, why it does what it does. and the mentor will have to be a singular user or person. A short form needs signed and i cant rightfully have the entire forum sign it. i could easily send the form in pdf format. P.S. This is my senior project for C-NET, just so you know i do understand and grasp a lot of the concepts of stuff like this.
Planet 10 Hi Fi Dave actually has a design for a superb TL sub woofer. I have the prototypes in my system and luminaries no less bright than Rene' Jaeger (think HDCD, Berkley Audio DAC and many other useful audio items) have been both startled and delighted with their performance.

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This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.