I'm here!

Hey I'm Addy. I've graduated in Electronics last year. I like the electronics stuff as far as it is audio electronics, but I'm more into the music production anyway. Now doing a course in Audio Engineering and trying to embrace a field that is more to my liking :). Apart from that, Well, I play the guitar, and have learned quite a lot more about taking it apart - compared to playing it.

I've suddenly taken a liking to building my own guitar amp because, the old one is deciding to play by itself with all the weird electrical noises and stuff. And coming to India (I'm from here by the way), we don't like to electrically ground our houses apparently - we prefer mild electrocutions now and then - (pun intended) - so I'm worried about where I'm getting the noise - and how the other guys seem to get by it.

So that's me. I'm here with a mind full of 'Q's and would be more than glad to assist with any 'A's I know.