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Having an ignore list is a sign of your own weakness IMO.
In my experience (I might be on a couple of ignore lists...) in forums like these a healthy amount of criticism seems not to be tolerated, and to "avoid" a firm discussion, people prefer to neglect.
Also, there are quite some members here who start threads in the normal DIY spirit, but also have a commercial interest because running a webshop to sell PCB's among other things. These members dislike any form of criticism because it harms their economic profit and prefer to neglect you.

I'm relatively new here. What happens when you ignore someone? Do you simply not see their moniker and their post? Does that not affect one's ability to follow the flow of the conversation on the thread? If I'm not making sense, feel free to ignore me! :wave:
The post itself won't be visible to you but when someone quotes that post, it's visible. IOW, it's not really ignore list.

Some make a a public announcement that member ** is on his ignore list. Probably ulterior motive.


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