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If anyone needs an artisan-quality loudspeaker-cabinet builder...

Roxy Deluxe 400ph.jpg

J Marks Eton Fountek Build 400ph.JPG

The custom furniture designer and builder I have been using for the past few years for my loudspeaker cabinets usually does large projects such as beds, dining-room tables, and other such furniture; please see examples at the link.


He does very elegant work--he studied at the famous Rhode Island School of Design.

Corwin is looking for some smaller fill-in jobs, so I thought I would pass along his contact information (Corwin Butterworth: corwinb74@icloud.com), and show a couple of the cabinets he made for me.

Admittedly, each of these designs has its over-the-top aspects.

The front panel of the 2-way with the gold-plated tweeter (circa 7 Liters) is Richlite Bamboo Statum composite 1-inch thick ($72 per square foot plus shipping); the perimeter edge had seven coats of traditional hand-rubbed violin varnish applied by an award-winning violin maker. The coloring agent for the violin varnish was powdered gemstone amber in poppyseed oil; circa $95 the teaspoon. So, that's an over $1,000 pair of small cabinets.

The other cabinet (circa 10 Liters) has an mdf shell, but the corner-edge protectors are of Extreme Tiger Flame Maple intended for high-end guitar and uke work (don't ask how much that costs per board foot), and the front panel is a Baltic Birch/Richlite clad composite. Probably circa $700/pr.

Corwin is very easy to work with. Shipping is of course an issue, and careful packing is a cost to keep in mind. So, probably the ideal customer is in the upper right quadrant of the Lower 48 US states, who is building a smaller 2-way or 3-way. Probably not somebody in Arizona who need a massive Transmission Line build.

Highly recommended.

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