ID'ing a pair of Jensen speakers


2008-01-03 6:17 am
I just bought these. I don't know why.
Because I'm a moron :p lol.

But anyway.

The ones in the back are them.
The only info on the back are.. aav0072818 and aav0072923 on the other one. I search around, checked audioreviews, looked for anything similar. I can't find a thing out about them. 15" Woofer on the bottom. Then it looks like a 5" and 3"
I've searched all over everything...
I'm probably just blind, but whatever :[

Some of the reason I'm asking this, is I want to find a help forum on it.
Because I'm not getting any sound from the 15" woofer.

I'm powering it with an Onkyo TX-DS787.
I have a feeling it's just not enough power?