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2019-02-13 10:25 pm
i opened up a poppulse t-150 to check a switch and saw that inside its used to large capacitors 8200uf labeled ALPINE (The same logo as the car audio company),never seen these before ,upon a google search i found the advert from audiophonics from where i purchased the amp and they described it as ALPINE for AUDIO from ELNA.
Never heard of these before ,are they any good ?
Of course the amp plays extremely well as is ,just asking about it because my initial though was they maybe source a bulk supply from somewhere and installed these.How good are these ?
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ELNA in general - gives me a good feeling. I like the brand and their products and quality. The shrink wrap - may suggest that it is indeed an ELNA, because the color scheme looks familiar.
So the more interesting question would rather be: Are these capacitors really a product of ELNA, or some fake copy-cat alternative. What worries me a bit are the "looks" of the unconventional pressure-release pattern on the top of the aluminum can. Looks ... different.

Hey, but then again, if the amp works and sounds good - do not fix it.
If it is a class D device, then the more I would not fiddle with exchanging capacitors in there, because class D imposes some high demands upon capacitors, in terms of certain parameters, properties (high frequency performance, for example). I believe that it is not an easy and self-evident case of replacing such components in such constructs, based solely on the "uF" and "voltage" alone.
That is my opinion. Other opinions may differ.
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2019-02-13 10:25 pm
Its Tripath 2022 with an LM4562 ,its plays extremely well ,better then an older mark levinson monoblock i had ,it drives a a pair of LS3/5a and Cambridge audio tl200 (rebuilt) exceptional well.
My though is that these are ELNA propably made for an Alpine amplifier.
After all their new amps are d-class.