ideal baffle/enclosure shape for OB?


2005-02-09 4:35 am
Is there an ideal speaker shape for an open baffle/cardiod speaker?
Ans: No. It is driver/system dependent. Many Variables.
What shape would be ideal for baffle diffraction?
Ans: Diffraction is mainly a tweeter issue. The least of your concerns when trying to come up with a baffle shape for you midbass!
Suggestions: Research 1st. The bible for OB.
Also helpful:
Make a narrow baffle with wood to mount your drivers, then add cardboard to get your desired shape. Measure. Measure some more. Listen. Build. Measure again. Listen. Enjoy;) .


Thanks for the input John, however, that is not an option. I will be moving in 3 months and will probably move 4-5 times in the next couple of years. I need my speakers to sound good whereever they are... Could a far field measurement be done in an apartment, or would room acoustics cause too much error?

Alex Kunec