Idea for my amp layout....

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Ok, my amp circuit is done, so now i need an enclosure to fit the thing. Metalworking is not an issue as my dad owns a metal shop; all i have to do is give him a small drawing and it's mine :D

The issue is this: i use four separate heatsinks for each output device (all of them in the vecinity of 1 C°/W). Three of them came from an old welding machine, and the extra one had to be purchased... and it's nothing like the previous three :( . My original idea was a metallic box, with two heatsinks vertically on each side; but this would look ugly and increase the size quite a bit. The amp will be laying on a small shelf between the two speakers.

Then i saw this...

This would be good; a smaller box, with the three bigger heatsinks vertically side-by-side and the smaller fourth behind it. I'd be restricting the airflow quite a bit, not quite because of the metallic "grid" but because of the heatsinks laying over the amp. Has anyone tried something like this?
Cases are an extension of our thoughts. They represent our artistic side, as well as who we are as an individual. The design you have chosen seems reminiscent of an age gone by. The great days of the tube amp kits such as heathkit and many others. Grey would be proud. I too chose a slight tribute to these golden oldies with some cases I recently built. Yet I tried to maintain a tie to the transistors inside. I built these cases out of oak with the heatsinks covering the top. I'd love to show them to you but the file is too big to post here. If you send me an e-mail I will send you the pix. There are also some nice ideas at passdiy in the gallery section. Good luck
Absolutely... i mean, an amp is about sound, but every time i power up the thing (specially in front of friends :) ) i'll be rising my head with pride... so it better look good!

The idea is good, and getting the case and metal is no problem. My main concern is how should i expect the sinks to perform if they're lying horizontally, on top of the amp. I know they'll run hotter, but i have no idea on how much really. This cannot be calculated (easily, at least), so i'm looking for someone who tried this for an insight.

BTW i'd love to see the pics! is my email.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.