I'd like to make a Kwak-Dac, Elso!

All the mention of a non-OS dac using AD1865 has me intrigued to make one.

Elso, do you have any schematic of yours? I've looked for it on all the usual forums, but maybe I missed it.

I found this site: http://www.geocities.com/yury_g/dac.htm Looks like very nice balanced and single-ended implementations of AD1865 and CS8414 in non-OS, hmm?

I've been listening to a DacKit with TDA1543, and have bypassed the Philips filter in my Rotel 855 with crown TDA1541. What I feel the need for is a more all-out approach, including analog output stage improvements.

I'm currently fooling with a Denon DCD-S10 with 4 PCM1702 in differential config. I've been modding the analog output (has 4 LM6172's for I/V stage only), and I'm looking to try non-OS here, too.