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The guy I am buying them from told me a story about shipping one overseas and having it burn because they put 230 into it. I believe he said he forgot to switch it over. I am positive about the 110 being available and if someone is interested in 230 I will shoot over to his place and take a look to see if they can be switched to 230 for sure.
Mike, these are frankly awesome amps. He has them in his home and I listen frequently over there. Blown away that ClassD can sound like this. We have had them clip and go into protection mode..... LOL that was one loud night.
However dont let the ClassD thingy fool you. These are audiophile quality amps and used in a LOT of the high end amps. Mark Levinson, PS Audio, Wyred 4 Sound, Meridian, NewClear (NuClear?). I am very jealous of his set up. The sound is fantastic.
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Yes they can be switched between 115 and 230 VAC. As far as I can see, all one has to do is install the right fuse in one of two possible orientations in the fuse holder. Mine came with the fuse placed for 230 VAC. There is a manual online: icepower1000aspdata

Here's an excerpt from this manual, page 22: "The ICEpower1000ASP is fitted with the fuse suitable for 230V use (and with the voltage selector set to 230V) on delivery as this is the safest setup for protecting the module for global use. To use the ICEpower1000ASP in 100V/115V areas, please replace the factory mounted fuse with appropriate type for 115V mains and mount the fuse in the 115V position as indicated on the board."

I have not tried them yet.

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Yes, mono, two for stereo.

I don't know if many know this, but the input impedance of the 1000ASP is only 10k, so preamp selection is limited. Should be no problem with SS pre. And they can be wired for Single ended or balanced input.

I have a pair wired for balanced input and running my Maggie Typanis IVa bass panels and they are fantastic - a match made in heaven. Nothing like the feeling of your internal organs resonating to bass lines.

Although I prefer the mids/high of my Krell KSA clone. But don't get me wrong, these 1000ASP can do full range.
I talked to the guy who has these today and he said that B&O does not supply the wiring so you have to do your own wiring. Shouldnt be to hard.
I am sure I can get the harness from him but it would cost more. I can ask but wont until you are ready to buy. I dont want to bug him as he is really sick right now and I dont mean just a little sick. We talk for 5 minutes and he is starting to fade.
Anyway I have pics of the 1000ASP.
Here are a bunch of them online Picasa Web Albums - Uriah - DEC2010
I will upload one here and then you can go to that previous link and see the rest of the pics.


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Here are the numbers provided by NISBETH in a previous post from digikey,i have ordered some but they have not arrived yet

PH9 Housing = 455-1159-ND
PH Contacts = 455-1127-1-ND

VH4 Housing = 455-1185-ND
VH6 Housings x 2 = 455-1187-ND (the stuff in the manual is because not all pins are mounted on the mains connector)
VH-contacts = 455-1319-1-ND
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