Icepower differences ASP, ASC, ASX2?

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Now that I have some experience in assembling a pair of Icepower amps, my curiosity has been piqued by the differences between the various Icepower modules. Specifically, I know there are ASP, ASC, and ASX2 models. I know that some of these models are not available to the DIY market. I also am about to update my PS Audio Trio A-100 stereo amp from the orginal 200ASC circa 2004 to the direct drop-in replacement 300ASC circa 2014.

I realize that B&O keeps things to themselves but they do publish pretty extensive reference pdf's.

Is it safe to assume that the latest models are improvements over earlier (10 years old) models, etc?

Just curious what the collective wisdom is on such topics.

A quick rundown:

A-series (Amplifier). Single-channel amplifier, balanced input.
Discrete design with original ICEpower modulation topology. 250W, 500W and 1000W models, although the 1000A isn’t full-range.

ASP-series (Amplifier, Supply, Professional): Single-channel amplifier, balanced input. Onboard-PSU to power additional A-series channels, mainly for active speaker designs. +/- 12V regulated AUX supply.
Discrete design with original ICEpower modulation topology, but optimised over the A-series so not completely identical in features and sound. 250W, 500W and 1000W models.

ASC/AC-series (Amplifier, (Supply), Consumer): Single-channel amplifier, balanced input. ASC-model has onboard-PSU to power additional AC-series channels, mainly for active speaker designs but can also be used for stereo as the AC-series is 100% the same amplifier. A few “consumer-grade” features such as auto-on/of circuitry and universal-mains supply are included on the ASC as well. +/- 12V regulated AUX supply.
Discrete design with original ICEpower modulation topology for the 200W model. The 300ASC/300AC is newer and most likely just a tweaked design whereas the 700ASC seems to be a 700ASX with additional features.

ASX-series (Amplifier, Supply, Whatever X stands for, probably nothing). Dual-channel amplifier (ASX2-models), single-ended input with bridge option. Onboard PSU that powers the amplifier. Unregulated AUX-supply.
ASIC-based design using proprietary ICEpower controller/driver ICs and 3rd-generation ICEpower topology.

How all of this translate to sonic differences is of course a very different matter - no absolutes there :)

None of these modules are generally available to diy’ers, but some are easier to get than others.

300 ASC is newer module and topology and design than 125Asx2 and 250ASX2.

I have OEM account and purchase from icepower regularly and They have informed me that the topology , design and chip sets that are used in the 300 ASC models are fully discrete amp designs which technology-wise are further along then what is in the 125 and 250 AsX models which use Icepower silicon based proprietary chipsets. that information was obtained by me directly from icepower after speaking with one of their engineers on 4/27/17 I think as far as sound goes, sonically the 300asc is the better module over the Asx2 and the Asp models.
Hi Bavmike, now you have me thinking. I had this conversation with them today... we are placing another order for a New Concept that we're designing and were discussing different modules with Icepower. it was news to me as well I was under the impression that the majority of what they make, currently at least, still used the ICC X chipset although I know they have evolved and gone through several "generations" since the first ASP modules hit the market but I didn't know they were making class d amps with discrete outputs( other then Iceedge).but I was informed differently today regarding the topology of the 300 ASC. Not certain if they're doing that with the 700 ... from what I understand about the 700 ASC and ASC2 models, they are like bigger versions of the ASX2 topology.

To be honest I was a bit puzzled when they made that statement . Maybe they misunderstood my question... although I don't think so because I read the response several times today ...which was via email and it clearly stated that the 300 ASC is a discrete design and that's an exact quote from the email. Let me look at the schematics to confirm this. I got some literature A while back regarding the new Iceedge based modules (AS1/AS2) That use the IceEdge 1 and 2 combination set and those do use a fully discrete mosfet output stage.

I will bring the schematics up for 300Asc and 700Asc and give em a look I'll repost once I confirm...just to make sure ! (now I'm curious...want to make sure I'm not losing my mind)
Hi Geo2,

I have a 700ASC sitting right here and it has the ICCx. I'm not that impressed with the sound and it has me wondering if the 300 is better. But with the Iceedge coming so soon, I'm not sure if it's even worth trying.


Regarding the 100AS1/2 they use the TI3251 chip. I have 1 here as well:


Regarding Iceedge, the first amp using it will be the 1200as. I have some of those on the way :)
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Still have 300ASC monos from one of the builds:

ICEpower 300ASC Monos Photos

Great little amps and clear improvement over 125ASX2. Also, 300ASC input impedance is much higher (rated at 47kOhm) so in turn no particular need for the default input buffer resulting in much more flexible pre-amp matching. 125ASX2 suffered from skewed frequency response unless matched (custom) input buffer was used. Lastly, no-heatsink design and general low working temperature are perfect for SFF implementations.
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