ICEPower 250ASP - For cheaps, nCore Kit


2013-05-10 4:11 pm
Just wanted to know all the DIY'ers who were holding off that Parts Express has these for $99 right now.

There's also a Chinese case/cable maker selling complete solutions for around $160 to $200 each depending on how many you order.

That makes a single monoblock around $300.


I've already got my 3. :)

Along a related note, it looks like Hypex is now selling the nCore 400 as a complete kit, with case, though only black is available for around 650Euros/$700 US. A little more than twice the price of the ICEpower 250ASP. Of course, 400 is more than 250, but 250 is ridiculously more power than most need anyway, so the power issue is moot for most home users I think. The only reason I have to spend more money is on sound quality.


I have never even really auditioned a digital amplifier in decades since I actually listened to very early prototypes, so I have no idea how they sound. My goal is to get 3 ICEpower modules to compare with my current Parasound A23s and the looser gets surround duty. Maybe later this year I'll order the nCore kits to complete my digital theater experience, but my budget is blown already.

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