ICE3B0365J Troubleshooting (W200 Sub)

Hello all.

I am currently trying to troubleshoot and repair a W200 Sub as a personal project/learning and it seems to have gone a bit beyond my circuit knowledge having exhausted most of the obvious testing (attached images blue=tested, yellow=replaced). A repair had been attempted by a family member prior and some of the tracers damaged so I had to repair them first.
The board is a 104-A05426B00V-E and is an ICE3B0365J chip, and after finding the chip datasheet have gotten the following readings;

1.SoftS - Unreadable (fluctuating)
2.FB - 473mV
3.CS - 0
4.Drain - 330V
5.Drain - 330V
6.n.c. - 110mV (fuctuating)
7.VCC - 15V (fluctuating)
8.GND - 0

I vaguely understand what each pin is for, but I'm not sure what values I should be expecting in order to trace where any extra voltage is being lost, or being gained. I am assuming the Feedback voltage is too low so it is cycling restart, but I might be misunderstanding the datasheet. The transformer secondary is not receiving any voltage at all which I assume is due to the VCC not being stable.

Any insight into this would be very much appreciated.

Progress 1a.jpg
Progress 1b.jpg