Ibanez TB100h information?

OK. What I was trying to say was that in some amps, the footswitch will only work on one setting of the panel switch. And conversely, if the footswitch is set to open, then the panel switch will have no effect either. A zillion Peavey amps are like that.

Acording to your owner manual the panel switches will not work with a footswitch plugged in.

Questions: is your footswitch the Ibanez four button one? And are you using two STEREO cables? Very important to use the right cables.
Well I messaged Ibanez and they told me that since there are 2 inputs for footswitches, the 4 button switch is just 2 2-button switches in one box and that any standard stereo switch would work, so I bought a peavey footswitch and it works on input 2 (reverb and mid-shift) but not input 1 (channel and boost) I bought the amp used so I was wondering if it could be fixed. The amp is barely wired at all. Everything's plugged into circuit boards.