IB driver spec question...

I know that I have read information on IB driver specs but cannot recall. I never had a situation where IB's were an option,still dont. I just picked up a set of identical 15 inch woofers and am wondering if they might work in a friends basement HT system. The drivers ar from a set of Radio Shack Mach One's. I believe that Qts is around 0.58 and Vas is about 20 cu ft.
Can someone give me a refresher on what T/S values are ideal for IB and what kind of latitude there is for what you can get away with. Thanks.
G'day Moray

If I wanted a set of ideal specs, I'd choose FS 16Hz, Qts 0.5 and a huge VAS. Combined with a 15-18" driver and 15+mm of clean excursion and they could be very useful in an IB. That said, drivers with Qts 0.35-0.6 and Fs up to 28Hz or so can work well with little Eq. If Eq is an option then any driver with a lowish Qts and plenty of displacement is an option.

It's likely the drivers you have don't have enough displacement between them to be useful in an IB. Around 10 liters of P-P displacement seems to work well in a moderate size room, for HT. Some systems more than double that figure.


William Cowan

these drivers have a peak to peak linear of about 7.5 mm and an Fs of 24 Hz . The Vas and Qts are in the ball park of good but the linear travel is low. Wonder we could build the two drivers into a plenum and mount them into a corner position of the room low down next to the floor. That ought to provide a little extra umph to the pair. I guess the only way to find out is to try. That will depend upon how eager he is to cut a hole in one of his walls to find out. Thanks for the help.