IASCA SQI rookie, Midrange placement Q's

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Vehicle 2002 Kia Optima Se v6

Head unit Alpine CDA-9886

Front Midbase/midrange Alpine Type R 6.5 coaxial in the stock location (SPR 17C)

Front A-pillar stock panasonic tweeters (not a clue on part number)

Rear fill Alpine type R 6x9 (SPR-69C)

4 Channel Boston Accoustics GT-4100

All of that is installed already, The following is on the shopping list

Rammat-From the firewall to the trunk lid, both front doors, still deciding on the headliner or not
Alpine PXA-H100 processor with calibration kit

3 SWR-1043D 10 in DVC 4ohm in a sealed enclosure .5 CU ft per chamber

Alpine MRP-M2000 Monoblock amp

All Street wires power, ground, signal distribution

2006 Chevrolet Avalanche 175 Amp Alternator and custom fab bracket (So I will have the stock alternator and the avalanche installed)

2 Duralast red top batteries.

I think that covers it, so my question is the system is loud as hell. Mid bass on AC/DC and crystal method is very clear. Highs on female vocalists are awesome. The problem is the sound Stage appears to be right above my center console above my floor shifter. I Can shift it a little by lowering the rear speakers but not much. I believe the sound processor can help this a bit with time alignment and cross over points (that and adding the subs will change the crossover point for the 6x9's and I can turn them down). I don't think I can use custom kicks because there is not much room in my foot wells. I thought of putting 5 1/4's or 3.5's in the corners of my windshield but according to the 2010 rules I can't block any part of the windshield. So that leaves the A-pillars with custom pods or custom door panels adding an additional set of components. What is my best option here. I will add that I have not actually heard a perfect system nor have I ever competed before so I am going on what the rule books tell me and what I can find on the internet. I do have one ace up my sleeve and that's a Musical acoustics professor at Tiffin University that I could ask for help (I took his class last year). You can follow my progress at IASCA optima
-modify the center upper dash for a mono midrange (the relatively flat area above your center dash vents) and/or:
-angle both front door speakers to raise the soundstage

If it was me I'd do both if possible. Making the custom location for a center dash mid and the grille cloth cover would be a fun project.
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The sound stage appears to be high enough just not out far enough.. according to the rule book they are looking for the sound to emminate (spelling) from beyond the windshield (center of the hood the farther out the better). The center dash wouldn't be too difficult depends on whats behind that in the dash. To be sure your meaning on top of the dash above my center vents and installing the speaker firing at the windshield? or the same location with a custom pod firing toward the rear of the vehicle? Angling the door pods wouldn't be to difficult either (it would be my first fiber glassing project but internet instructions are very good and plentiful)
Sounds good I will take a look at the dash and see whats behind there. I was taking a look at my processor choice and possibly rethinking it now that I am adding a center channel. For the additional speakers up front (after much contemplating it looks like I can massage a pair of 5 1/4 components in the kicks) I am going to have to track down another amp more then likely an Alpine unit unless I get a awesome deal like I did on the Boston Acoustics. The PXA-H1000 only has 6 channels Fr,R,Sub left and right. I Will need cross over points and time alignment for the 5 front channels alone, this has me looking at the Alpine f1 status crossover but its VERY expensive. Is there another 8 channel parametric digital EQ out there worth it? Should I run what I got and save up for the F1? AFter reading the manual for the Imprint it looks like it will do a 3 way setup so I can use that to run the entire front stage the doors running midbass, the kicks running midrange and the center running full range. I can use the built in crossover on the sub amp for those.
Well that last post the question was kind of buried. Should I stick with the Imprint or upgrade (I don't have one yet so I may be oblivious to the fact that it will work for me). Also what size should I be looking for on a center channel. Dual 3 1/2 coaxials, a 3in full range with a tweeter?
Well first thing you need to do is disconnect your rear speakers or fade them out. Rear fill is only for rear passengers. You will never get the proper sound staging and imaging with rear speakers.

You are already looking to buy a processor but you have not even come close to utilizing that head unit properly yet. You should be running your front stage 2 way active and then tune using the parametric eq in that head unit. A processor will take you to the next level but that head unit can do a whole lot more then you are using it for.

I have attached a pic of how you should have your setup running with the gear you have. Personally I think you would be better off going with 1-2 15" subs and possibly something other then Alpine but that is just my preference for SQ installs. I would also disconnect the tweeters on the coaxials if you can do it without damaging them. Certain brands have a wire you can cut or a terminal you can disconnect. This isn't as important as everything else but it could be part of the reason you are having staging problems.

You may want to put a cap on your tweeters at a crossover point lower then your tuning to protect them. When running active it is easy to fry a tweeter if you are not careful when installing, setting up and tuning.

You could do a center channel if you really want but it wont fix any of the problems I have outlined. That is usually something you want to do after you have a stereo install setup perfect and it is still lacking. Peronally I think kickpods are a much better solution to getting better then stock sound stage and imaging.

You seems to have some stuff down but need to study a bit more on how and why you want to do things in an SQ setup. You may want to check out DIYMA.com - Car Audio Forum & 12 volt Community Board


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The head unit that I currently have is a CDA-9886 which does not have the imprint processor built into it you need the PXA-H100 to get the parmetric Eq. I Could change my subs to a 12 at most but that means starting ALL over in the trunk when its all trimmed out already and the box is in for the 3 tens. Thanks to the link to the mobile site I hadn't seen that. As for the choice to go with Alpine they are a personal preference since I used to install the product and its in my price range. I have a second party that I need to justify the cost too and 3 grand was hard enough for her to accept. :) Thanks again on the recommendation on the kick panels I will build them before I go any further with the system. As for the EQ I will start out with the alpine unit and see how close I get to good imaging I would imagine a properly built and aligned system should sound pretty good without the eq.
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I was mistaking this model for the older model that had everything built in. My mistake.

I have not used the imprint system myself but I know of a few high end installers who feel that it is only an ok piece. The best processor out there right now would be the Audison bit one with the ms-8 being a close second. 3 10" will be ok but you are going to have to tweek the EQ a bit to get the lower end of the low end to be just right.

I highly recommend you spend some time on DIYMA before you start building kick pods and changing from your current plan. There is a lot of good info on there.
Oh My! *** :eek:its going to take me weeks to read all the info. So far it looks like the coaxial's are out (there already sold actually) and Scanspeak midbass drivers are in for the doors ( Kinda pricy I may have to waver to a less expensive brand) not too sure on the tweeters posibly scanspeak too but im not sure. Defiantly saving up for the MS8. I do have a gently used set of 6x9's I Can sell once I get my subs installed I wont need them for low end. After the doors are done up nice I Will see how my front stage sounds and poss go with some on axis A pillar scannspeak full range. I'm not sure though I have more reading to do.:D
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