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Letting go Ian's FIFO kit that I aquired in one of the Group Buys for a DAC project.

Individual components are:

1 I2S FIFO II board (139$)
1 Dual XO II Clock Board 45/49 XOs and sockets (75$)
1 I2S to PCM converter board (79$)
1 Finished Isolator board (45$)
2 Finished TPS7A4700 LDO regulators (46$)
plus a whole lot of various cables and assorted parts to build the kit.
--> see images.

Everything is absolutely unused and in the condition as I unpacked it.
The perfect package to use older DAC chips like TDA1541 or AD1865 etc. with FIFO!
Or you skip the I2S to PCM board and use just the FIFO kit with clock...

I paid 430$ for the entire kit last year, I am asking 350$ plus shipping.

I can ship international registered with insurance as a big letter (that actually can be a shallow parcel) for 15$.


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