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Ian Canada RaspberryPi Streamer


This is a completed RaspberryPi based streamer with top of the line parts from Ian Canada. It is loaded with Ropieee software but could be changed out to a different software. Some DIY knowledge would be needed to manage that and set it up on a new network. A great sounding unit that really made me realize the difference a streamer could make in the sound quality of a system. So why am I selling it then? I'm going to move up to a significantly more expensive streamer in hopes of further refining my system.

Price is $450 including shipping CONUS only and payment via PayPal friends and family option.

This is significantly less than the cost of all the components that went into the streamer. I have those parts listed out below with associated new costs. I am not looking to sell individual components and will only sell as a package

iFi iPower power supply - $70
RaspberryPi 4b - $80
FifoPi Q7 flagship 768KHz I2S/DSD/DoP FIFO with isolator - $189
HdmiPi Pro Flagship HDMI transport interface - $125
TransportPi AES, Flagship AES/SPDIF stransport - $139
PurePi 5V+3.3V ultracapacitor/LifePO4 battery power supply combo - $86.00
UcConditionerMkII 3.3V - $69.00
MonitorPi RaspberryPi OLED audio display/analyzer - $49.00
Total cost of parts new - $807


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