I would like to have more information about this driver : Diatone PM610A 6.5" please!

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I would like to have more information about this driver : Diatone PM610A 6.5" please!


I would like to have more information about this full-range driver if you have access to it.

It's the Diatone PM610A 6.5" (Anniversary Edition) from Mitsubishi in Japan.

I looked on this website and also Google but didn't find much information about this driver.

It's supposed to be a quite flat from 70 Hz to 20 kHz in a conventional enclosure.

I would like to see Frequency Response curves (0°, 30°, 60°), price, T/S parameters, things like that.

Thank you very much!
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Daniel Dicker

The diatones were my first DIY speaker....used them with 2W 2A3 amps for
almost a year and a half before the lack of bottom ultimately forced a

but the great seamlessness of sound and transparency and coherence are still
unmatched at any price. I built the boxes suggested by the Japanese,
vented, so I know nothing about the 1/4 wave pipe application.

anyway, well worth the effort. Get the 16ohm model if it's still

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Carter Hendricks

I used Diatones in 2 cubic foot boxes*. If they didn't actually have such nice, fast bass they would still be wonderful tweeters**. For quieter listening of small group music they worked well with various 1 watt amps. Maybe because there's no crossover, but the speakers seem much more efficient than 90dB. I was very happy with them, at least until I literally found one Altec 755A in an industrial building which Ronnie Irving was cleaning out. The 755A is a little less at the top and bottom but the middle--voices, horns--are so magical that I sold my Diatones and more to pry a econd Altec from the hands of a collector.


*Gordon developed a commercial Diatone-based design and eventually shared most of his ideas, here & on Audioasylum.

** the little $25 Fostex FE83 is another full range speaker which has nice tone in the highs. Most tweeters fail the ball point pen test, which is whether they sound better after you jab a ball point pen into the center of them.

I'd guess the Gordon being refered to is Gordon Rankin
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Bart Shepard

Well Dean, they are a single cone speaker from Japan. About USD 360 a pair
currently and could become unobtainium.

They are 90db / 1W/M efficient and have a range from about 65Hz - 18KHz. (
go below 40 at reduced output)Properly setup they don't need a tweeter but
can use a sub for rock or electronic. Bass is adequate for Chamber music or
most acoustic Jazz.

I have mine in tuned quarter wave pipes (TQWP) which take judgement to stuff
correctly. Reflections back through their cones can take some addressing

They look superficially like cheap car radio speakers but closer examination
reveals a very trick paper cone, small alnico magnet and leather surround.
No whizzer cone. Mine have two coats of C37 lac, which I like to think
improved them slightly.

Their sound is simply astonishing. Very natural and seamless. Not at all
"Hi-Fi". I may have tuned my system to them but they don't seem to want for
anything much save the lowest few bass notes. They are reasonably dynamic
and image well with good depth in the slim towers. Detail is good. Voices
excellent. These are not wimpy little speakers and can do Grunge or Metal if
you must. They sound neither thin nor slow. Can disappear and suitably
suspend disbelief.
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More Bart Shepard

The Diatones are magic speakers and look like a nothing cheap car radio
speaker. But when you look harder, the magnet is alnico, the surround is
leather and the cones are horn shaped and not constant thickness.

Mine have two good coats of C37 lac on them which did make a difference. I
have them on spikes and use about 17 good SET watts. When run in and used
with the right cables and amp they do not need a tweeter to help them.
They sound good without a sub but better with a sub on some material. Expect
to need a sub. I think they start to roll off about 100-80 but there is
still output below 40. String bass sounds fine without a sub. A single small
sub of any type is fine and this doesn't seem to be critical.

I use them fullrange with an electric Xover on the sub only crossed at about
100Hz.. The sub has about 200 pp tube watts and is 8" in a double bandpass
box. I probably only need 30 watts and SS would be fine. Sub positioning is
not critical either and it operates so you don't hear or notice it
consciously - pretty low level. Good for bass guitar and rock. Helps kick
drums a little.

Acoustic Jazz and chamber music don't really need a sub.

The main speakers never sound bright or lightweight nor heavy, dark or slow.
They don't shout and don't sound horny. Treble improves with run-in.

They go loud enough but start to shout if pushed too hard.
8 watts in probably minimum and 20 watts plenty.

They also partner very well with a 55 watt AKSA amp.


I have a pair of 610MA's in Wood B. Lansing cabs from EIFL Japan. After a lifetime as an audiophile and many years listening to live performances as a nightclub manager, I would be extremely reluctant to part with these, for any amount of money. They are truthful, and I have driven them with a lot of different amps, from T-amp to Art Audio Symphony ll, and they sound fine with all of them, of course they sound best with the best electronics. If you "nickel and dime" your systems your results will be disappointing with anything you do, so I wait (sometimes for years) for good deals on the finest I can possibly afford. I recently got great deals on some subs, and used full range with two subs handling the bottom octave they leave very little to be desired. There is a carbon graphite cabinet version that was sold I think by Audionautes that sold for US 7K!
Best Wishes.
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