I would like more input on speaker grills.


2015-11-24 1:56 am
My idea was, hard felt, close in to tweeter, sorta close to mid, and boxing in the woof. mid and woof geometry squarish.
Half inch thick. Sheer grill cloth. Designed into the speaker cross.

Are most grills accounted for, or meant to run speaker, au natural?

I have read that the felt stops interactions. Making a stable, solid soundstage.
Different schools of thought.
A lot of people design the speaker with the grille off and listen with the grille off. It that case the grille is used for protection only when the system is not in use.
Others will design the grille is such a way as to involve the least interaction between the grille and the speaker and leave it on.
Still others can't tell the difference between the grille on and off and don't bother thinking about it during the design.