I want to control 5 LED's with remote control!!

i have a problem:
I want to turn on and off 5 seperate LED-s with (TV) remote control.
For an example: if i press No 1 on the RC, LED No 1 should light on.
If i press No 2 on RC, LED No 2 sholud light.
And so on.
The point is to use logic-elements/gates and for this I have to get 1-s from logics if I press buttons on RC.
I hope U understand and are able to help me.
I knw i should use microcontrollers, but how and which I don't know Sad

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Nice link DragonMaster, but you maybe did not pay attention to the error codes mention in the provided link. It will be nice to have a device which does not decode properly, and, as a result, executes an undesired command. On the other hand SAA3049 had been used, without any problems, in different electronic devices.
Error codes... the ones when you are **programming** the codes in the unit? These happen *while programming* if : The wrong protocol is used, there's no more programming space, pin is already assigned. That's not related to executing an undesired command.

(From the site:)
(In the *Adding a IR code* part)

◊ 4 Press the key on the remote that should activate this pin in the current mode.

If the signal LEDA starts to flash very slowly and newer stops again then see error codes section below. The normal behaviour is a quick LEDA flashing with a frequency of about 'now I recieve a code that I recognize' Hz. If no flashes are seen, then the most likely cause is that the remote is a not a RC5 or Sony type after all....

(In the error codes section)
Error codes

Some erroneous situations are signalled by the PIC entering an infinite loop with the following number of flashes of the LEDA spaced by a space. The only recovery is to flip the power off and then on again after which everything is as it was before the error occured. The blinking rate is slow enough to be seen with the eye.

3 flashes : Recieved IR code allready assigned to this pin

4 flashes : No room left, all available assignment slots occupied. (see downloads for actual capacity)