I want to build this amp need schematic LP 2002

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I have schematics

Hi There,

Wow, your post and pictures brings up a lot of memories. I worked at Linear Power from '89 to '91 as a technician and then engineering tech and have most every schematic they produced - right up to and including their 8002iq. Working there was like being a kid in a candy store - lots of amps, great audio talk, a few show cars loaded-to-the-nines with mega-power, and a reputation of power and quality. I also attended the Winter CES Show in Vegas with them in ’90 – I even remember parts of it. Unfortunately, their amps were mediocre, their management was bloated and virtually useless, the hiring/firing practices horribly sexist favoring women, and they went under not too long after I left due to a multitude of stupid reasons.

I must, however, being a very realistic audio subjectivist, dispel some Linear Power rumors:

1) There amps sounded very good. But, they sound exactly like every other decent solid-state amp that exists. No magic. No frills. No kilo-watt power outputs. Nothing special at all. Their amps barely made rated power and nothing more. We never tested distortion or noise - just relied on topology repeatability.
2) There is no such thing as a “hop-up” kit for Linear amps. I remember taking tech calls while there and always being asked for hop-up kits to increase the power output or sound quality of the amps. There is no such thing – what you buy is what you get.
3) Their amplifier topology is not some super-secret, high-tech, ultra-audiophile-grade circuitry. It is a very basic, negative feedback, single class ‘A’ driver/boot-strapped circuit. It came right off the pages of a 1979 RCA transistor cook-book. It works predictably and thermally tracks well. Other than that, if you look at the output on a scope, there is a huge amount of power supply garbage floating around, but most is supersonic and inaudible.

They did use good quality components like mostly Motorola semiconductors, TL072 and NE5532 op-amps, their preamp and crossovers used 1% resistors, and their switching magnetics were Ferroxcube (3C81 materials for those interested). They also used nice beefy heatsinks, clever device mounting methods, and good, double-sided PCBs (in their later stuff, that is – not their older 402, 1002, 2002, 3002, 2602, etc. designs – just run-of-the-mill single sided for those.)

Later, after they closed their doors, the name and remaining products were sold to some dweebs who TOTALLY believed all the lame, ultra-hyped nonsense about Linear and they threatened to sue me when I sold some old stuff on eBay. They wrote me threatening, poorly written, barely readable emails talking about cease this, we’ll sure you that, we own all the history of Linear, etc. blah, blah. What a joke. They’re retarded and I feel sorry for anyone who ever has to deal with those Neanderthals.

Anyway, I don’t have a soft copy of the schematic, so I will have to drag out my flatbed scanner and make a .pdf for you. I’ll also post the power supply because most everyone likes to see a DC/DC converter circuit.

I had to get back in my chair I laughed so hard, what a great post. I had LP amps, even put them in new mostly the 02 series. They worked nice but I never found them to be special either far as sonic performance. Some of the crossovers/etc seemed to work really well though. It gets me now because I have a search for a particular item a friend wants and I'm *so* sick of all the 'old skewl best ever' hot air people write on those auctions. LP is not the only one they embellish upon.

Oh yeah, that place that does them now is something.

Not long ago a guy I know told me he had some LP amps that had been 'tweaked and peeked'. I had to try to not laugh at the term; its an amp not a CB radio.

Is a 3002 much different? For my .01 that is what I would build.
Speedweek is only 72 days away and my car is not finished.....heck, I havent even fired the new motor up yet!!!!

Needless to say that getting the car ready for the salt has been eating up every second of my free time.

After Bonneville I will have the time for doing an amp project and this is the one I want to do.

(yes, T03s all the way!)

I want to make the amp section separate from the PS....I have an idea to make a 4 channel based on this amp but use one larger PS for the 2 amp sections (3 boards).

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